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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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We have the honor of working alongside some pretty fierce women. Artists, self-starters, mothers, entrepreneurs – each one has her own story of how she's making a dent in this world. 


We now work with over 650 women across 11 different countries. We are divided by borders, cultures, and languages, but we share the same drive, the same desire to create something beautiful. We are incredibly humbled that these women have taken The Citizenry mission as their own – our success is their success, and vice versa. 


This International Women's Day, we want to highlight a few of the ladies who've helped make The Citizenry what it is today. Today, and everyday, we're inspired by these strong, hard-working ladies. 





Let’s start with Aïssata, the brains behind it all. A little over 10 years ago, she left her job as a public accountant to start this cooperative. She looked around her and saw a need to provide employment for young women. And so, she did something about it.


The cooperative started with 10 women, and fast forward to today, she now employs 163 women and men. Carrying on the ancient tradition of Bogolan indigo, this workshop is widely-known for their richly saturated indigo hues. To get this intense blue color, they soak the fabric over six times, using all natural indigo from Koro.


To see this group's incredible work, click HERE



We stood in the middle of Rosa’s home, with the dining table on our left and the couch on our right, looking on as she masterfully maneuvered the family loom. Her hands moved quickly, looping hundreds of wool threads into an intricate design. Quiet and unassuming, you’d never guess Rosa is a weaving legend, but one look at her work, and you’ll see how talented she is.


She is joined by thirteen other Mapuche weavers in the region. During our trip, we had the chance to visit these incredible women – each one weaves independently in their own homes, yet they all share the same love for the craft and want to see it to live on.


Beyond their unrivaled weaving expertise, these ladies are savvy entrepreneurs. A couple of years ago, they banded together and learned to dye uniform colors and weave consistent patterns, all with the hopes of one day taking their trade beyond the local markets. This rugs collection is the result of all that hard work. Beaming with pride, they showed us their precious creations, excited for their designs to finally be in homes all around the globe.


To see this group's incredible work, click HERE



Talk about strong women. This cooperative of Zapotec women was started by Pastora, the oldest of five sisters, as a way to provide for her family after they lost their father. Fast forward 20 years, and this weaving group still exists as a way for single moms, widows, and unmarried women to make a living.


When we visited these women, they couldn’t wait to show us their handiwork – their faces beamed with pride as they told us about the different stories and symbols found throughout their weavings. Their personal favorite is the butterfly pattern – a symbol of beauty and liberty, everything that this cooperative stands for.


To them, these weavings aren’t merely objects to fill a home - they are artifacts of their own personalities and their Zapotec roots.


To see this group's incredible work, click HERE



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