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Here's to you, Mom image

Being a mom is a pretty incredible thing. You can’t help but be inspired by these leading ladies – their strength, their ingenuity. This Mother’s Day, we’re sitting down with a few of these inspirational women to see how being a mom has shaped them, influencing their work as artists, designers, writers, and entrepreneurs. They are doing big things in this world, and motherhood has only made their work all the more meaningful.


Today and everyday, let’s celebrate these women and the impact their making. Here’s to you, Mom.




Courtney Poole

Founder and Designer of Rose & Fitzgerald  


"I wake up each morning to this little person staring in my eyes, so excited about all the new things he will experience and learn. Seeing the completely raw, natural drive my baby has for discovering the world, the way he studies new faces so deeply, loves music, sounds and colors, has inspired me to reimagine designs and objects that felt old and familiar. I have this drive now to create products and a company that will add more beauty and meaning to the world—and hopefully, will stand the test of time and trends so that one day he can be inspired by his mom's work."


See more from Courtney and her work at Rose & Fitzgerald 


Harper Poe

Owner & Founder of Proud Mary Global Textiles 

"For me, motherhood has encouraged me to streamline, prioritize, and simplify...creatively, this forces me to expand upon how we use materials already available to us by finding new applications, so we can continue to develop upon the crafts, techniques, and locations where we are already working."  


See more from Harper and work at Proud Mary Global Textiles


Shea McGee

Interior Designer and Owner of Studio McGee


"Motherhood is busy, and messy, and it's absolutely beautiful. Becoming a mom of two little ones has made me keenly aware of how people really use their homes. I used to design simply because I loved creating great looking spaces, but now I see the beauty in blending form and function."


See more from Shea and her work at Studio McGee


Sara Garza

Photographer and Founder of Mama Love 

"Motherhood made me take a look at what I was spending my time doing and then to make a decision on what I wanted to focus on creatively. My husband and I exclusively shot weddings for seven years, and all of a sudden I knew I was done after I had Ezra. It wasn’t that weddings weren’t important anymore, it was that my heart had transitioned to yearning to photograph mamas! It’s been insanely beautiful seeing women become moms for the first time, or to see a mama add another life to her family." 


See more from Sara and her work at Mama Love.


Rachel Craven

Textile Artist and Designer


"Motherhood has taught me how to fully appreciate moments of beauty, to live fully in the moment and how to make big adjustments quickly. It’s also taught me how to get a lot done in very limited windows and, maybe most importantly, to trust my instincts."


See more from Rachel and her work at Rachel Craven


Lenka Clayton 

Artist and Founder of An Artist Residency in Motherhood  



"When our​ first child was one year old,​ I imagined and founded An Artist Residency in Motherhood – a structured, fully-funded artist residency that took​ place inside my own home and life as a mother of two young children. Artist residencies are usually designed as a way to allow artists to escape from the routines and responsibilities of their everyday lives. An Artist Residency in Motherhood was instead set firmly inside the traditionally 'inhospitable' environment of a family home, and framed motherhood as a valuable site, rather than an invisible labor for exploration and artistic production."


See more from Lenka and her work at An Artist Residency in Motherhood



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