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We walked into Juan’s office and were greeted by a larger-than-life mural of lush landscapes, complete with rivers, waterfalls, and grazing sheep. When asked about the artwork, Juan explained he wanted a daily reminder of what he loved: the countryside.

Beyond his choice of residence in Cogua, a quiet farm region outside of Bogota, you’ll find his love for the countryside in his commitment to using all natural, undyed wool and tools from the land - of note, a prickly plant called ”cardo” to brush his wool textiles.

Quiet and unassuming, you’d never guess he’s an award-winning weaver – particularly known for his “ruanas” (wool ponchos), Juan is widely sought after for his extra soft, intricately woven designs. Interestingly, our collection of blankets is actually Juan’s first venture outside of apparel – trust us, Juan will be winning awards for these beauties in no time at all.