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We heard about a woman named Fatima in Lamas Del Orelhão who had perfected the art of textured wool rugs. In fact, it was rumored she was the last weaver in the region still using an old-world loom to create her own spin on this traditional Portuguese design.  

Of course, we had to meet her. So we hightailed it from Porto, and after a few hours of winding roads dotted with olive trees and vineyards (we know, sounds awful...), we walked up to Fatima’s workshop.

It was such a treat to see this (almost) one woman show in action. Her husband helps here and there, but for the most part, Fatima does it all – sheering, washing, drying, looming, and tufting each and every gorgeous piece. She is an artisanal force to be reckoned with – it’s no wonder she’s a legend throughout the region. We are thrilled to offer a small batch of her one-of-a-kind, tufted works. Just like their maker, these rugs are truly special.