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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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Behind the lens // Our travel photographers

Over the past few years, The Citizenry’s search to find the world’s best artisans and makers has led our team to some of the wildest corners of the globe. From driving hours across Mexico to meet a Zapotec weaving community to trekking across The Atlas Mountains to find the last cooperative still handcrafting Moroccan wedding blankets, we’ve racked up some pretty unforgettable adventures.

When we travel, we bring along some of the most talented travel photographers for the ride. We hand-pick each one based on their distinct style, shared sense of wanderlust, and - let’s be honest - up-for-anything attitude because our travel itineraries are never easy or planned too far in advance. It’s just how we roll.

The images they bring back tell the stories of the people and places behind our products better than words alone ever could. The thick fog hovering over Ireland’s sheep-dotted countryside. The bikes bumping along Marrakech’s cobblestone streets. The loom shuttle clicking back and forth in different workshops all over the world. They chronicle the undeniable beauty of all the moments that go into our collections. Each one inspires us to continue exploring, and with that, continue celebrating just how big and beautiful this world really is.

Next week, we’re excited to announce that we will be releasing a curated print collection that features the absolute best shots we’ve captured over the years. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to the three photographers (or photography duos) whose work will be featured in this new collection.

So without further ado….

Hazel & Pine

While they officially go by the artistic handle of “hazel & pine,” this LA-based, creative duo’s names are actually Nicole Griffin and Ashley Turner. They’ve become well-known for their whimsical, editorial approach to travel imagery and always-on-the-road lifestyle. (In fact, they just got back from Nepal.) Those two qualities are precisely why we fell in love with their work.

We first partnered with hazel & pine in Uganda. We were so blown away by the shots they managed to get with one hand hanging outside our safari vehicle, that we brought them along for our journey across Morocco as well.

One look at their work, and it’s clear there’s a passion and purpose behind it. At the heart of it all, these two are driven to capture the beauty of the human spirit - from all different angles and from all corners of the world.

Do yourself a favor and check out more from hazel & pine here.

Simon & Lorna Mills

Hailing from Northern Ireland, this husband-wife duo is known for capturing the grit and character of makers and their rich creative processes. Not to mention, they have a knack for jaw-dropping landscape shots (Exhibit A: that epic Irish countryside shot). As masters of composition and color, the beauty of Simon and Lorna’s work speaks for itself. The pair’s incredible range, coupled with their sense of adventure, made them the perfect fit for the job.

We’ve covered some serious ground with these two – from the deserts of Morocco to the countrysides of Ireland. While in their home country of Ireland, they made sure to roll out the welcome wagon for us, giving us the grand tour in our mini Corsa – starting in Dublin, up to Banbridge and all the way across to Donegal.

For miles and miles, we continued to stop as Simon climbed on top of walls, cars, roofs, cliffs, and various other dangerous terrains to get “THE shot.” Needless to say, all those stunt moves paid off with some insanely gorgeous images.

For more info and epic imagery from Simon & Lorna, click here.

Andrew Shepherd

Based in our hometown of Dallas, Andrew is a photographer, film director, and cinematographer. Known for his documentary-style work, Andrew captures the everyday moments that may otherwise go unnoticed – architectural details, wrinkled hands on a sketchbook, dusty tools in the corner. With his intense analysis of plane and shape, he’s able to create meaningful images from these commonplace events.

It’s this storyteller’s eye that got us excited about teaming up with Andrew. We knew he’d be able to document our artisan partners’ processes in a way that feels truthful and authentic.

We trekked across Mexico with Andrew – swimming in cenotes in the Yucatan to tasting mezcal in Mexico City. With each new destination, before he could even unpack his bags, he would be out and about wandering the city, camera in one hand and lenses in the other, ready - at any moment - to capture the next shot.

For more imagery and film sneak peeks from Andrew, click here.