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Wine Tips & Tricks For The Holiday Season

Wine is a universal symbol of celebration, making it a staple at holiday soirees and gift exchanges of all kinds. We've asked our friends at Cakebread Cellars for their expert-approved techniques for buying, serving, and gifting wine that work every time, so you can focus on savoring every drop of the season.

Choose Lightweight Wines to Please a Crowd

While bold, robust wines have their place on the dinner table, the ideal bottlings for mixers and parties tend to be more lightweight and versatile – easily pairing alongside flavorful appetizers and conversation without demanding the spotlight. For red wines, versatile bottlings like Pinot Noir are an excellent choice, while white wines like Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and moderately oaked Chardonnay will work wonders while pleasing everyone in the crowd.

Use Multiple Glasses

If possible, make space on the table so each guest can have a minimum of two wine glasses – one for white wines and one for reds. This ensures that the flavors from various wines won’t be competing in the glass and muddying the science behind your pairings. In addition, it allows guests to experiment with various pairings and dishes, discovering their favorites while offering an opportunity for discussion at the table.

Gift The Classics

When it comes to gifting wine (or decor), we always reach for classics, which also holds true when setting the table: designs like the Dasar Bronze Platter or the beautifully grained Tikal Serving Collection invoke a thoughtful timelessness and can blend into any recipient's cellar or serving style. We particularly recommend reaching for classic wines like Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay which offer broad appeal plus the recognition of a well-known growing region – instantly invoking care and value to the recipient.

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