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Care Guide

How to Care for Your Throw Pillows

If you’re planning to hit the spring cleaning a little harder this year, you might’ve wondered how to clean pillows. Pillow care is an often overlooked part of sprucing up, largely because throw pillows have a kind of set-it-and-forget-it charm that makes it feel unnecessary. However, just like any other item in your home, pillows can collect dust, stains, pet dander, and residue. Fortunately, pillow cleaning can actually be a breeze with a bit of attention and a few basic cleaning supplies.

Read the label

The first (and possibly most important) pillow cleaning tip is finding out what works best for your pillows. Luckily, they typically have a tag that explains what you can do to keep them looking their best. We generally recommend dry cleaning throw pillows, but you can always spot clean, dust, and fluff as needed.

Start with a regular vacuuming

A good, gentle vacuum is the first line of pillow care defense, keeping dirt, debris, and dust bunnies from moving into your pillows. The next time you’re sprucing up your living room, give your couch (and pillows) some attention as well, taking care to gently go over the surface on the lightest setting and without a brush. When it comes to the more delicate throw pillows' care, you also can’t go wrong with a good shake.

Don’t forget to fluff

If you’ve ever spent the day lounging around on a pillow, you’ll know they don’t always look the same afterwards. Another essential pillow cleaning step is a regular fluffing, which is a well-needed reset for both the cushion and the fabric around it. When paired with a good shake or a quick brush of your hand, this effortless step is one of the best pillow care hacks to preserve the shape and style of your pillow.

Spot clean with care

When a glass of wine or coffee spills, people generally panic. If this happens to you, gently blot (not scrub) the stain with a soft cloth and a small amount of water. Then use a dry cloth to lift the stain. Allow the pillow to dry completely. Proper pillow care starts with staying calm and never using harsh cleansers on delicate fabrics.

It’s all about location

Speaking as self-appointed pillow care experts, certain materials are just going to do better in particular spaces, based on the environment and your particular lifestyle. Although no pillow stays perfect forever, it’s important to keep these materials in mind when deciding where to style your pillows. Our cotton-velvet and hand-knotted styles hold up well to daily use, whereas hand-printed block print and fully-embroidered pillows may be better as bed throw pillows or in a formal sitting room.

When in doubt, call a dry cleaner

If you want your pillows to have a long, happy life in your home, we highly recommend dry cleaning. When it comes to pillow care, spot cleaning will only take you so far. It may sound like a chore, but we typically only recommend doing it once every six months or as needed for more significant cleaning. This is the best way to preserve the quality of the fabrics and keep your pillow looking its best.

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