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Rugs 101

Jute Rugs for Every Floor

There’s a reason natural jute rugs have been around for thousands of years (really!). A lot of reasons, actually. An eco-friendly foundation to any space, jute rugs are woven by hand from natural plant fibers, creating a seamless blend of laid-back charm and organic style. Easy to clean and care for, they’re still a favorite to this day. You may have questions about natural jute rugs, so we decided to break down all the benefits of these textural works of art.

The right choice for any home

A breath of fresh air in any space, natural jute rugs play nicely with both modern and traditional decor. Poised and practical, their organic textures create a timeless foundation for any room, from spacious living rooms to cozy kitchens. One quick note: Jute accent rugs don’t get along with the steam found in your average bathroom. So, if you’re a fan of long, hot showers, we’d recommend one of our hinoki or cotton bath mats.

Strong enough to handle high-traffic areas

Some rugs love a quiet corner. Jute runners and area rugs can take on the busy hallways, family pets, and a steady stream of visitors. Stronger than other natural fibers, jute accent rugs can handle wear and tear with ease. Not only that, they shield your floors from damage and insulate the noise that comes with all that traffic.

A range of shapes and sizes

These masterpieces come in almost every shape and size, from spacious jute area rugs to stylish runners. Looking to create a new foundation for a living room? Grab a 9 x 12 jute rug. Need to hit refresh on your home office? There’s always a 5 x 8 jute rug. Whether you choose a rectangular or a round jute rug, you can’t go wrong.

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Lightweight, heavyweight, any weight you like

Ranging from pliable to plush, our natural jute rugs range in thickness from 1/4 inch to a luxe 1 inch height. Whether you want a lighter weight rug that allows a door to still close or a heavy, 8 x 10 jute rug for your family room, there’s something for everyone.

Go from bold patterns to warm neutrals

When you’ve been around for thousands of years, you go through more than a few styles. From jute runners to accent rugs, these versatile pieces are often found in warm, comforting neutrals. Occasionally, rugs will even blend organic shades of jute with a slightly lighter blond to create a natural pattern. If you’re looking for something a bit more graphic, some jute rugs even feature bold, brilliant patterns that are perfect for a modern home.

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The more, the merrier

Natural jute rugs are actually social creatures. Layer them on top of one another to create a geometric foundation of neutral tones and rich textures. Mix jute area rugs with an eye-catching accent chair or a cozy ottoman to make a statement.

Easy to care for. Easy to love

The best part about natural jute rugs? All it takes to avoid a build-up of dust and debris is a regular vacuuming. If you’re short on time, you could even give it a good shake. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading and rotate them every six months to help them last. Layer with one of our eco-friendly rug pads for the best underfoot feel. You can learn more about maintaining your natural jute rug with our Rug Care Guide.

Rug Care Guide

Feeling inspired? Explore our full collection of jute rugs.

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