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Denizli Cotton Mill
Employs 563 Artisans
“Our motto is ‘Innovation is Everything and Nothing is Impossible.' This motto gives us the motivation to create new innovations and hold on to our rich history.”
- Cagri, Director

Located in the textile capital of Denizli, this family-run mill is rooted in centuries of Turkish cotton and weaving traditions. Yet, they are anything but stuck in the past – as true innovators, this group is leading the way, continuously introducing new patents, trademarks, and formulas for creating cotton textiles that are truly the best of the best.

A few minutes into our meeting, and we immediately knew we were partnering with true experts in the field. From discussing the optimal soil conditions for cotton to explaining the best blend and twist count for the material, there’s no denying they’ve mastered it all.

And beyond their deep technical knowledge of all things cotton, this group values the heritage of the textiles. They work tirelessly to preserve their culture, training younger generations in the techniques that have been passed down for years. As a result, their creations are the perfect blend of time-honored practices and modern design. Something we can certainly get behind.