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In traditional Indian culture, family roots and relationships run deep. Such is the case with this block print workshop, where two siblings create some of the most exquisite block printed home goods and textiles we’ve seen to date.


Gitto, with her background in textile and clothing design, found the perfect counterpart to her creativity in her brother Amitabh, who handles all business functions of the workshop. Their yin-and-yang partnership is evident in the designs – the artistic nature of the block printing set against classic shapes.


Gitto and Amitabh work with traditional printer families, or “Chhipas,” a group with ancestral roots in India. The historic craft of block printing has been passed down in these families from generation to generation, with a team of printers and tailors working together to bring the designs to life.


Beyond the design, the materials used are just as incredible. Every piece of the fabric they use is sourced locally and is indigenous to the region. The blocks used in the printing are all handmade from teak, each carefully carved out of closely grained wood. The result is a style that’s uniquely their own, with each piece telling a deeply rooted story in a modern way – a perfect addition for the modern home.