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Weavers of San Pedro
Employs 26 Artisans
“Weaving is like painting. We practice so we can get the details down to an art. Sometimes our pieces can take years to complete.”
- Juan, Workshop Owner
When we visited the San Pedro weavers, they instantly got up from their looms to share their personal designs with us. For these artisans, weaving is a lifelong endeavor and passion. They take deep pride in their skill, often entering–and winning–renowned national weaving competitions. These prize-winning textiles cover their workshop walls, and are often mistaken for paintings at first glance; the impeccable detail in the landscapes and animal motifs is flawless.

Fashioning textural details and intricate patterns was a welcome challenge – no design we imagined was too difficult for them. Suffice to say, we're honored to bring you a collection of textiles from this group who elevates their craft to a true art form.