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Bedroom Refresh image

If you’re like us, many of your New Year’s resolutions center around the home – cleaning out those cabinets/drawers/closets, wrapping up that patio project, or finally figuring out what to do with that spare room. Whatever it may be, it can all feel a little daunting, with you left wondering “Where do I even start?”


That’s why we are going to take a cue from Kate Arends of Wit & Delight and opt for a simple home decor project that we can tackle right off the bat – a bedroom refresh. With her recent bedroom update, she showed how just a few changes here and there can go a long way to create a whole new look.

Here are some of the styling tips we picked up from her:




1 // First things first, get organized. Follow Kate's lead and use woven baskets to hide all your knick-knacks and doo-dads that clutter up your space. Trust us, you're way more likely to stay organized if you have a pretty place to store everything. 





(Nzuri Basket – $135, Sauda Basket –  $95, Bombo Basket – $135


2 // Once you have everything tidied up, you can get to the fun stuff – bedding. If you are going for a whole new look, add a new duvet cover or bed quilt. Or, if you just want to make a small update, throw a new blanket at the end of the bed to introduce a new color or texture.





 (Estrato Oversized Bed Throw – $395, Diamanta Throw – $135Cordoba Throw – $225


3 // Look for spots where you can bring some personality into the space. Maybe it’s a corner that needs an accent chair or a bed that needs a textured pillow – adding these statement pieces will instantly give your room a facelift.  





(Ceniza Lumbar Pillow – $195, Arroyo Pillow – $135, Palermo Butterfly Chair – $775

4 // Give the room a more finished look with some floor pillows or an area rug. These pieces will bring some texture and warmth to the space, making it feel extra homey.




(La Niebla Floor Pillow – $225, Estrato Floor Pillow – $195, Cielo Azul Rug – $1,275


For more style inspiration, check out Kate's blog, Wit and Delight. It's one of our favorite daily reads, filled with tons of swoonworthy content. All images courtesy of: Colleen Eversman, 2nd Truth.

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