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The Rug Size Guide image

We’ve all been there. You fall in love with a rug based on whatever color, pattern, or texture is “speaking” to you. And since love is blind, you may not pay much attention to the details - particularly the rug dimensions. You then bring it home, rearrange all the furniture and then and only then, you discover the scale is all off. 


To save you some of that headache (and backache), we’re taking the guesswork out of rug sizing with a guide to keep in your back pocket the next time your in the rug market…




Bedroom Rugs

When it comes to bedroom rugs, be sure you leave enough room on each side of your bed. If the rug is similar to the width to your bed, then it may look too small or even squished. On the other hand, if the rug is too big for the space, it can feel overwhelming - after all, your bedroom should be a place of zen.  


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A good rule of thumb is to allow your rug about 2 feet on all three sides of the bed. That means a 5’x8’ for a Twin, 6’x9’ for a Full, 8’x10’ for a Queen, and 9’x12’ for a King.


If you don’t have the space for one of those sizes, good news is you’ve got options. Have a queen, but your room can only fit a 6’x9’? Easy. Just pull the rug down about a quarter of the bed so it extends off the bottom of the bed. Don’t want to commit to an area rug? Go for two 2’x3’ rugs on either side of the bed or a runner at the foot of the bed


A few layouts below... 




Living Room Rugs

Now, onto the living room… The size of your rug can determine the whole look and feel of the space. Go too small, and the space can appear crowded and your furniture pieces hodgepodge and disjointed. Go too big, and the rug swallows your furniture, making the room lose depth and dimension.


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You want the goldilocks effect – a rug small enough to fit the space, but big enough to tie your furniture together. Nailing down this "just right" scale grounds all of the pieces and makes the space feel open, inviting.


When in doubt, select a rug that allows for the front legs of the couch and chairs to rest on top of it. We typically recommend a 8’x10’ or 6’x9’ rug to create a large enough canvas for your furniture setup.


If you’re in an apartment or studio and can’t swing an area rug, go for a rug that allows for at least two of the furniture pieces’ legs to fit on it. Or, you can try layering a few rug sizes – this will create the illusion of a bigger rug, and also gives you flexibility to mix styles down the road.


A few layouts below…



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