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Beach Picnic image

Sometimes, life just calls for a picnic. The simple act of getting outside and sharing a meal just feels like such a departure from the everyday.


The best part of this little escape? It doesn't take much to make the occasion feel special. Just a few touches here and there, and you’ll have an elegant al fresco dining experience, guaranteed to take you far away from the to do lists and schedules. 


To give you some ideas for styling your own picnic retreat, we’ve teamed up with Caitlin Flemming from Sacramento Street. She’s someone who has pretty much perfected the art of outdoor entertaining – and lucky us, we scored the invite to her San Francisco beach picnic!

Here are a few tips we picked up from her soiree:




1 // Let’s start with the essentials – a picnic basket. Or even better, a picnic tote. You’ll need one that’s lightweight, yet durable and big enough to cart food, drinks, and styling essentials. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to go for one with a bit of style!




(Mercado Basket: Natural - 135, Mercado Basket: Navy - 135)


2 // Feel free to have a little fun with the serving pieces. Instead of the ho-hum paper plates and plastic utensils, go for pieces with a bit of character, ones with a mix of color and texture. These simple additions go a long way in making the whole occasion feel more special.




(Apasco Tumblers: Blue - 22, Caribe Wood Trays - 105Puebla Napkins: Aqua - 45)


3 // By nature, a picnic should involve some serious lounging. So be sure to bring a few pillows for some comfy seating options. Go for a variety of colors and sizes to create a casual, inviting look.




(Raya Pillow: Indigo - 75, Corriente Pillow - 135, Nevados Pillow - 85)


4 // Yes, you are outside, surrounded by nature, but in our opinion, you can never have too much greenery. A few succulents here and there make the whole look feel a bit more finished.





(Adia Planter - 65, Primavera Vase - 45, Milma Desk Objects - 35)


5 // Why stop with just the one base-layer blanket? We vote for bringing two or three extra throws to make the space extra cozy. And bonus, if it gets chilly out, you’ve got an extra layer to throw on! 




(Diamanta Throw:Indigo - 135, La Nieve Throw - 155, Del Campo Blanket - 135)


For more beautiful imagery and styling tips, be sure to check out Caitlin Flemming's blog: Sacramento Street. This one needs to be on your daily reads! 


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