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During our first encounter with this talented artisan cooperative, we were immediately inspired by their weaving philosophy–to represent the beauty of nature. It is a simple concept, but their execution of this idea is full of passion and integrity. Any color that's not native to Peru’s natural landscapes is off-limits. Strata of reds, oranges, and browns are reminiscent of dusty mountains and deep blues of the Pacific Ocean hugging Lima’s coastline.

To execute this vision, this small alliance has established an incredibly communal environment where every member is vital to the whole process. A woodworker builds the looms, others hand-dye the materials, and the master weavers complete the design. From start-to-finish, they are committed to preserving ancient techniques native to the region.

Since working together, we've had the opportunity to expand their production capabilities by partnering with additional workshops in the area. With this expansion, we're able to bring more of this cooperative's beautiful designs home to you!