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All work and no play makes for a pretty dull, humdrum office (not to mention, a pretty dull, humdrum life.) Yes, an office needs to be a space where actual work can get done, but it should ultimately be a place that inspires your best thinking. We believe no matter what your field, your workspace should be one that is calm, inviting, and dare we say, enjoyable.


To give you some ideas for how to create a little home office sanctuary, we teamed up with the cutest freakin’ work and real-life couple, Christina and Robert of the New Darlings. These two are opening the doors to their Southwestern bungalow and taking us on a tour of their recent office refresh. From off-the-wall art installations to plants galore, this space is chock full of inspiration.


Here are a few tips for incorporating a bit of creativity into your workspace:



1 // First things first, you need to get your desk area in order. You’ll want this space to be as stress-free as possible. To do this, steer clear of the unnecessary odds and ends, and focus on a few essentials that really speak to you. All you really need is a lamp, a pen holder, and a container to hide any clutter that’s inevitably going to make its way onto your desk.


No one says these desk objects need to be boring or sterile – you can have a little fun by choosing pieces with unexpected shapes, texture, or color to bring in a bit of whimsy to the day-in, day-out.




(Zua Lamp – 145, Baraka Wishing Basket – 85, Milma Desk Objects – 35) 


2 // While you are keeping your desk free of clutter, use the headroom above your desk to go to town with some decorative accents. It may be a bit of greenery, a piece of artwork, maybe even just a candle - go for whatever is muse-worthy. 




(Adia Planter – 65, Hauri Candleholder – 195, Kamara Lamp – 145) 


3 // If you’re like us, every now and then, it’s nice to step away from the screen and get a fresh perspective on things. To create a little retreat, start with a chair and footstool, then layer on some pillows or blankets to make it extra inviting. However you style this nook, it should be space that’s relaxing and comfortable, a space that lets you just take a load off. 




(Palermo Tripolina Chair – 650, Palermo Tripolina Camp Stool – 235, Del Campo Blanket – 135)


4 // Surround yourself with the off-duty passions that keep you going – travel mementos, music albums, favorite books. The trick is to do this in a way that’s not too overwhelming. Be sure you’ve got some good shelving or storage baskets to keep these pieces from getting in the way of the tranquility of the space. 




(Sauda Basket – 95, Aldama Side Tables – 145, Bombo Basket – 135)

For more tips on how to bring a bit of creativity throughout your home, check out Christina & Robert's blog here and tour the rest of their inspiring space.




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