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Living Room Refresh image

In these grey, wintry days, nothing sounds better than curling up on the couch, glass of vino in hand, full Netflix queue on tap. While spending all this time hunkered down, you may occasionally divert your attention from Elizabeth’s latest drama with Winston (yes, we have a mild obsession with The Crown) and take a look around your space.


You are faced head-on with that wall that’s been left blank for months, that couch that’s seen better days, that table that just has got to go. The list goes on and on. Don’t panic. Take another sip of that wine. We’ve got your back.

We've teamed up with one of our favorite lifestyle photographers, Becky Kimball, to share a few simple tips for giving your space a bit of a refresh. No paint cans, no crowbars – put those safety goggles away. All it takes is a few minor updates here and there to make your home feel fresh, inviting – i.e., a place that begs for more Netflix marathons.




1 // The fast track to a refresh? Invest in one or two statement pieces to instantly give your space a facelift. Whether it’s a new chair or some artwork – think bold, high-impact when selecting your new additions. And when it comes to styling, be sure to give this piece some prime real estate so it’s the first thing people see when they enter the room.




(Aldama Chair – 875, Caminata Cowhide Rug – 1,950, Palermo Butterfly Chair – 775)


2 // An easy layup for a room update is introducing some new accent pillows. These styling accessories allow you to play with different color schemes and patterns without committing to a new wall color or couch fabric. We’re loving Becky’s mix of soft neutrals and bold pattern – this combination gives the room such a light, airy look.




(Tobala Pillow – 135, Elder Tweed Pillow – 165, Verano Pillow – 75)


3 // Take a note from Becky and try your hand at an “of the moment” design trend. She opted for the metallic craze, incorporating the look with a few key accent pieces here and there. Lesson learned? Trends are best in small doses.




(Aldama Side Tables – 165, Aldama Chair – 875, Claro Candleholders – 350)


4 // Bring some life to the space with natural, organic materials. Woven baskets, wood trays, marble pieces – these subtle touches make things feel less structured, more approachable. 




(Amani Baskets – 195, Kubwa Basket – 195, Sauda Basket – 110)


5 // The finishing touch? Add a few decorative accents around the space - you’d be surprised at how these small additions bring the whole look together. But be sure to keep things pared-down and clutter-free. A good rule of thumb: once you finish styling, always take out at least two of your accent pieces.




(Amani Baskets – 195, Lava Trays – 155, Hauri Candleholder – 195)


And there you go - a little living room refresh to give you the perfect space for kicking back and cozying up this winter. For more styling inspiration, be sure to check out lifestyle photographer Becky Kimball's Instagram!


Photography by Becky Kimball




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