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Visiting the Patacancha Valley feels like traveling back in time entirely. The scenery and way of life is untouched by modern society. The women handloom their clothes using the same patterns their ancestors have used for ages. The families farm their own land, build their own houses, and walk miles in a day to complete what needs to be done. The day-to-day happenings are so simple, yet they’re carried out against an abnormally beautiful, unspoiled backdrop.


As we got to know the women weavers of Patacancha, we were struck by the deep spiritual connection they have with their surroundings. Their close relationship with the mountains is rooted in the Inca tradition. This relationship comes out in their weavings as they talk about each pattern – where we say zig zags and diamonds, they say mountains and lakes. Every design is also so personal; each woman executes the ancient patterns in a slightly different way, based on how her mother or grandmother taught her to translate the natural element in her weavings. 





The women's connection and appreciation for their natural surroundings will always stay with us. In each pillow, we’ve incorporated some of their most beloved designs. This design – inspired by the rivers and lakes flowing through the region – is one of our personal favorites.

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