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Our next collection is coming from wild, beautiful Uganda, and we’re so excited to share all the adventures that went into making Collection Two. This collection was made in collaboration with Rose & Fitzgerald, a brilliant Uganda-based brand that we’ll be sharing more about later. Courtney and Laren, the husband and wife team behind R&F, welcomed us to their country with open arms (filled with gin and tonics) and made sure we experienced every ounce of Uganda to the fullest. 




This is a quick visual preview of the stories we'll be sharing over the upcoming weeks. Driving hours on red dirt roads. Awe-inspiring artisan visits. Horseback safaris. Flat tires accompanied by Nile Specials. Serendipitous friendships. Mountain views. Lake swims. More amazing artisan encounters. Village dancing. Lots of village dancing.




Mark your calendars! Collection Two: Uganda launches November 11.


P.S. All these photos were taken by our amazing partners in crime, Hazel & Pine. 

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