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Feeling Blue in a Little Town Called Bombo image

The story of one of our favorite pieces starts in a little town called Bombo. Unlike any other place in Uganda, this village is dripping with Sudanese and Arabic culture. The tiny community has become known for its colorful dress, vibrant weavings, and ancient traditions. READ MORE ABOUT THE GROUP HERE.


We traveled an hour outside Kampala with Courtney from Rose & Fitzgerald and our photography team, Hazel & Pine, to meet a cooperative of fifteen women weavers and work together to create a limited-edition basket for the collection. 



During our visit, our team fell head-over-heels in love with the group's natural dyes and in particular, a certain shade of radiant blue. This color was peppered through the women's weavings, traditional clothing, and most stunning of all, their village doors. It just popped against the peach buildings and desert in the most brilliant way, creating a serendipitous and beautiful color story...


Our Bombo Basket, made in collaboration with Rose & Fitzgerald, is a celebration of these talented women and the natural backdrop that took our breath away in the village that day. Shop the Bombo Basket and Bring This Beauty Home.

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