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Create A Bathroom Sanctuary image

Often overlooked on the grand tour of a home, most bathrooms are simply described as ‘just down the hall’. And yet, a good bathroom is essential. It’s the place where you start and finish each day. The only room where your shower thoughts can truly come to life. In fact, it’s been estimated that the average person will spend about 1.5 years of their lifetime in the bathroom (most likely scrolling on their phone). In order to make the most of all that time, we’ve put together our guide to bringing out the best in any bathroom.




Choosing the right bathroom towels.


Few things are better than stepping out of a hot shower into the waiting arms of a good bath towel. Soft, fluffy, and best enjoyed warm, a roll of good bath towels is both practical and stylish. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to bath towels.




Who has the time to know the differences between Egyptian, long-staple, and Pima cotton? Luckily, we do. Here’s our quick fabric guide to pick the right bath towels.


Long Staple Turkish Cotton - Uses the longest fibers to get a strong weave that is luxuriously soft (like our Organic Plush Cotton Towels)


Egyptian Cotton - Incredibly soft, spa-like cotton that gets better with age (check out our Marrakech Spa Towels)


Cotton Waffle Weave - Ultra-durable, wrinkle-resistant cotton that's soft to the touch (like our Imabari Towels, or Mara Organic Waffle Towels)


Cotton-Linen Blend - Elevated, everyday blend of cotton and lightweight linen (like our Aegean Cotton Bath Towels





Choosing between waffle, lightweight, and plush bath towels is a wonderful problem to have. If you’re getting ready for a truly luxe staycation, we’d recommend going plush. Lightweight bath towels are a great choice for everyday use and a waffle weave can also bring an added dose of absorbency when you need it. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with any of our bathroom towels.





Bath towels. Hand towels. Bath sheets. It’s all a bit confusing. Here’s a quick trick for getting it straight. Think of a bath towel. You know them, you love them. Do you want a couple extra inches of coverage? Grab a bath sheet. Just need to dry your hands or face? Go for hand towels. When in doubt, just get them all.





There is no perfect formula for the number of bath towels a single person needs. The fact is the limit does not exist, but a good rule of thumb is two bath towels and two hand towels per person. One set in use, one in the wash. Live with more people? We’ll leave the math to you, but we can point you in the direction of a good towel set for your bathroom.




Make the most of a bathroom mat.


A proper bathroom mat will save you a lot of time drying water off the floor. Not to mention protect you from wet socks. A handy (yet handsome) accessory to any space, our bath mats are made from organic, long-staple cotton and sustainably-sourced hinoki wood from Japan. Woven bath mats are soft beneath your feet, absorbing water with ease. Our hinoki bath mats, on the other hand, release a calming, therapeutic scent when wet, transforming your bathroom into a zen oasis surrounded by cypress trees. It’s a tough choice, but we’re sure you’ll make the right call.


 Adah Flatweave Runner

Bathroom rugs are here to stay.


At this point, you’re probably wondering if bathroom rugs are really an essential. The answer to that is definitely. The average bathroom is famous for having few windows and can often involve a lot of white. The right bathroom rug can add a pop of color or a playful pattern that warms up your space. Add in the fact that those bathroom tiles can be pretty cold in the morning and the case is closed. We recommend styling one of our bathroom runners in front of a vanity or your sink.



Add variety with a shower curtain.


Just like bathroom rugs, shower curtains are an opportunity to introduce extra patterns, textures, and colors to a space that can often feel a bit one dimensional. Little details like hand-stitched motifs or warm earth tones can go a long way. Whether you choose breezy cotton or effortless linen, the right shower curtain is sure to stand out.




Opt for storage baskets that blend form & function.


We only have positive things to say about storage baskets. They’re gorgeous, practical, and capable of handling whatever life throws at them. Big, tall, short, small. All storage baskets are beautiful in our eyes. A perfect replacement for your older laundry hamper, a hideaway for a few extra rolls of bathroom towels, or just a second home for your bathroom reading material. Style solo or as a set for maximum effect.




Always, always invest in a bathrobe.


We’re pretty sure everyone knows the benefits of a good bathrobe. Whether it’s cotton, terry, or a waffle robe, the right robe can make every day a bit more luxurious. Filling that space between recently-showered and ready-for-the-day, bathrobes are also an easy, breezy way to unwind. Our plush Aegean Cotton robes are the ultimate everyday luxury, all made in a fair trade environment. 





Don't forget to accessorize.


A bare bathroom is a little sad in our book. Spice things up with an incense holder, a floor mirrora statement vase, a rich teak ladder for your towels, or other bathroom furniture. A functional space deserves the same consideration as your living room or bedroom.



 Desar Brass Incense Holder  Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror     Terranova Vase

(Desar Brass Incense Holder - From $75, Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror - From $445, Terranova Vase - From $375)


Still here? You deserve a bathroom break.

Check out our full bath collection for some decent scrolling material. 

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