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We’ve all been there – you spend months decorating: picking out rugs, testing couches, styling pillow combinations, swapping accent chairs and lamps. Finally, after all that hard work, you look up, and you have a space that has shaped up quite nicely. You start to get comfy on that final couch winner, but you can’t shake the feeling that something is still missing… Then it hits you: the artwork!


Art always seems to be the last to-do of any space. We get it – art can be somewhat daunting: from the selection to the styling, it’s tricky business. But, art is so worth the effort. It makes the space feel like your own – it gives you the chance to bring in your personality.


Today, we’re sharing a few pointers for adding this crucial ingredient to your home. We’ll have you well on your way to a museum-worthy space in no time…




1 // Don’t want to commit to wall art? No worries. Style small prints here and there on your shelves or side tables. These little additions instantly make your space feel more warm, welcoming – giving it that “lived-in” look.


Since there’s less of a commitment with these small accent pieces, feel free to have a some fun here. You can go for bolder colors, quirky details – here’s your chance to add some character without going overboard.


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(Riad - 95, Jardin - 95, Tangier - 95)


2 // Mix and match art prints in a gallery wall to dial up the visual interest of the space. The secret to that effortless, “just something I threw together” gallery wall? Don’t just throw it together. Actually take time to plan and think through the composition and layout of the set up.


First off, make sure you keep a cohesive color story with your art selections. Feel free to bring in pops of contrasting hues here and there, but having an edited palette creates a more high-end, high-impact look.


While it’s good to stick to a cohesive palette, when it comes to size and orientation, variety is the name of the game. Bring in a combination of horizontal, vertical, and square orientations to keep the look balanced. To get the right layout, play with spacing and placement on the floor before you hang it on the wall – trust us, you won’t get that perfect setup on the first try!




(Morocco .01 - 295, Morocco .02 - 295 Travelogue .02 - 550)


3 // When in doubt, go for one showstopping piece. It’s pretty amazing how a statement making art print can change the look of an entire room. Style it over a mantel, couch, or bed – wherever you have plenty of white space to let this piece take center stage.


Yes, it can be a bit daunting to choose THE art piece that’s meant to be the focal point of the space. Deep breaths. We’re here to help.


Since this piece is going to be taking up a good chunk of wall space, color and composition is definitely something to keep in mind. If you’re going for a light, airy look, select art with more white space and softer colors (think cool blues, pale greens, light greys). For a boho, eclectic space, go for art with more layers and movement and with hues that will pop (think bold blues, warm tones, high contrast).


In the end, just go for a piece that “speaks to you” – this is going to be a part of your day-to-day, so it should be something you truly love.




(Agafay Desert - 195, Oaxaca .01 - 195, Blue City .02 - 195)

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