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This chair is one of our favorites from the Peru & Argentina collection - it’s a work of art, meticulously handcrafted in a small Buenos Aires workshop. To visit the workshop, we entered through an unassuming garage door tucked away in the trendy Palermo District. On the other side, we met a dynamic group of craftsmen -- former models, architects, and bonsai tree growers -- who all found their true calling working with their hands.



These guys take their chairs as seriously as they take their football (which is a bold statement post-World Cup); they refer to this piece as the "Messi" of chairs. Every piece of leather is hand-selected from a nearby polo saddlery, which is the locals’ go-to place for the finest Argentinian leather. From dying to cutting and sewing each section, every step of the process is done “the old world way” with every bit of painstaking attention to detail you’d expect from a group of men that have made a career perfecting this rugged yet elegant craft. 



While we couldn’t be happier with the end result, watching the process from start to finish took our appreciation for these pieces to another level. It's visits like this that inspired us to start this journey and products like the Palermo Tripolina Chair that make us so very excited to launch later this week! 


This beauty is available for here! 

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