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Hailing from the design hub of Guadalajara, Industrial Designer Álex Siordia has made a name for himself with his trademark combinations of simple shapes and bold colors. You can't help but be inspired by how he transforms everyday objects with his artful use of geometric lines and statement hues – a simple reminder to bring beauty to the mundane. 


As a man of style and taste, we've tapped Álex to share the inside scoop on all things Guadalajara – restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, and more. He'll also be giving us a rundown on his design process and inspiration – and bonus, some features of his incredible art. 


So without further ado, we'll let Álex take it from here... 




What is your background? What did you do before becoming a designer?

I studied Industrial Design, but as my mother is a graphic designer, and my father was an architect / artisan so my real design school was at home.

What brought you to Guadalajara?

I was born here, but the growing of art and design scene in the city is what keeps me working and living here.


Tell us about your studio. What was your creative process in designing the space?

Right now I’m working from home, I mounted a studio at home due to the covid situation. Since my house is very colorful, I made an extension of it in my studio, so that it also matches with the colorful part of my artwork.




What is the inspiration behind your artwork?

Melancholy, my inspiration comes from the music and the people around me. I work with colors and simple shapes, my challenge is to tell a lot with as little elements as possible. I’m still learning how to get rid of some things.


How do you stay inspired as an artist and designer?

I try to keep searching for new music, and traveling when possible.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not designing?

Cooking is my new favorite hobby, I find it as a side creative process.


What’s your favorite thing about living in Guadalajara?

I like Guadalajara because it is a medium size city right now, but Tapatíos keep creating art and design in a way the eye is always on the city. Guadalajara is a great platform for creators, with a lot of things to do, and places to visit.


Favorite places in Guadalajara?


El Habanero Negro: Mayan cuisine with a contemporary twist. You must try the Chejuino (Tejuino with beer). 

Espacio Abierto: Beautiful patio coffee shop with a lot of cultural events. 

Cava: Traditional cantina in downtown (There is an iconic and kitsch Sponge Bob painting outside the bar).

Pardo Club: Tiny club located in La Americana district, one of the clubs where emergent electronic scene take place. 

Veneno: A tiny restaurant with an excellent menu. The winning award ceiling was designed by Hermanos Lara. 


For a daily dose of design inspiration, follow along with Álex Siordia on Instagram! 





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