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Hosting A Fall Dinner Party image

Temps are dropping (slowly, but surely...), and the season of fall gatherings is kicking off. The whole point of having friends over for dinner is to make everyone feel at ease – and that includes you! So, we've teamed up with entertaining expert, Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, who's sharing tips and tricks to make hosting a fall dinner that's quick, easy, and most importantly fun.  


With that, we'll let Erin take it from here... 



Setting a lovely table makes a meal feel a little special, but creating it shouldn’t have to be complicated. A simple white linen tablecloth offers a nice blank slate. A few wrinkles - or even a big fold or two are no big deal. I love how it gives everything a more Euro-rustic vibe.  


You can easily switch up your look by subbing in different linens, place settings or florals to suit your mood. To create a cohesive look stick to 2-3 colors to keep things from getting overwhelming.


The two tables featured here offer different vibes with only a only a few simple changes. The first table features a set of subtle neutral linens for an elegant look. But by swapping in pops of indigo and chambray the second table features a more country, rustic look.


Shop the Look: Chera Napkins - Blue, Onam Table Runner - BlueChera Napkins - Tan, Vishu Table Runner - Tan


There’s no need to have a bunch of fancy place settings. Simply create layers with your dishware and table linens. I love mix and matching dishes in different colorways to add extra dimension. And I do love gold flatware for everyday use - there’s no reason to make them wait for a special occasion. It quickly makes any table feel a bit more festive.


Adding flowers to your table also doesn’t have be stressful. You can let your creative juices flow, combining whatever fits into your color palette. A fall arrangement can mix all kinds of greenery – everything from Lambs Ear and grasses, to cuts of leaves. A few dahlias give you that plucked straight from your garden look. But if creating your own centerpiece feels overwhelming, head to your local flower mart or corner florist. There’s no shame in putting a pretty arrangement into your own vase. You gotta do what you gotta do.



If you’re not an expert chef, no big deal. Save the fancy cooking for the big Turkey-day. There’s really no need for a multiple course meal. A generous spread with a good crusty bread, charcuterie, samplings of cheese and a bunch of little bites let your guests sit back and snack at will. This gives everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Because ultimately, the most important thing about throwing a dinner party is to give yourself permission to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening too. Let go of any expectation that things will be perfect – instead plan for the opposite and simply enjoy the process.





For more tips and styling inspiration, be sure to head over to Erin's blog at Apartment 34.


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